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Sexy girls in armour

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If you are ever wanting to make armor look more fem, then I would suggest taking the time to work a lovely pattern into the leather or embroidery and ribbon into a tabard. Big tits pirn. The Same Armour i. Another suggestion in the light armor category would be something like the armor worn by the claymore characters in Claymore: Large ones might not be feasible.

Assume that any image posted here might be 'racy', but use the [NSFW] tag to identify content according to the following guidelines: One things for sure, though: Haha, not to worry, I have a male armor post lined up! What about anything that Aribeth wears in Neverwinter Nights?

She's a wrestler, so the outfit kinda sorta makes sense. Sexy girls in armour. Do a Google Image Search for "Alias Azure Bonds" for a good compromise for armor that is sexy but plausibly functional. If you are a lover of minidress, this is the perfect mod in NSFW section for you. BUT I hate to replace it and make it look like wynn.

Is there any sort of nationalism or localization we need to consider in our suggestions? What's the Japanese word for "shameless? A 2 cents from someone who made armor himself, interesting. I agree, you can only see skin in the Nightingale getup. Via Mortal Kombat Wiki. Female gladiators were rare historically but more common in some fantasy settings.

Feb 25, Posts: Female fantasy armor is often indistinguishable from erotic lingerie. Old big tit lesbians. Finally something for the non-perverts. Games Movies TV Wikis. Course if you want reality we can have women running around in nothing but a chastity belt, as not many women fought period, let alone wore armor. You can also email me to ask questions, friend me on Xbox Live, or just say hi: Milva ranger PSN: I think most of the time people just want to feel bad ass.

Shame the hottest women e. Clearly these women are both poorly insulated and have no particular intent to keep their vitals inside their bodies.

Sexy girls in armour

Joan of Arc, Note the differences in the armor as depicted by artists of the time period. I appreciate it when I see articles like this.

Sex appeal is not a priority of good art. A large, solid chest may also be difficult to fight around.

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Love the listfinally found a cool armor set for my battlemage, so thx. As for the keyhole in her armor, that's explained as enchanted armor - it's the same AC all over, even where the keyhole exposes cleavage.

This, right here, is a major reason why I avoid fantasy games. Nude terry farrell. One that's basically a fur skirt and bra, but with with a pelt cloak type garb covering the shoulders, and then there's the same bra and skirt one without the pelt which is the most revealing. Sexy girls in armour. This mod provides a very scanty piece of steel armor to the female characters in the game.

Shahdee, Prince of Persia: That stuff is badass! Appealing to an audience is important for any business venture, but there is a balance to be struck. White Knight by Roman Mindek cdnb. I have built boobplates before, for fighters. Spun her thru every single stitch of clothing and the surprise winner was College Robes in blue. As an armorer, how would you design functional plate for me?

Common European Armor, 9th to 13th century. Floppy tits blowjob. Will, the historical use of armour is a very different subject than was addressed in this post, and perhaps one I should cover.

I would argue that the socks punctuate the nakedness, that the reminder of clothing throws into contrast the lack thereof.

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You should at least alter the tagline under the image to reflect this. I bought it, it was like 3 or 6 plat. Given that backstory, the outfit is understandable. You can find a lot of them at the free clinic. Originally posted by Zerot: Leave a Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. With the remastered version of Skyrim due for release later this year, we take a look at some of the most raciest and sensual mods that are available for the game which converts the game into something that can satisfy even your wildest fantasies about being an adventurer.

Fri Oct 02, 1: But I just dont want to stare at my chicks in full plate armor. My favorite of all, though, is Tribunal armor Silverlight armor with the chainmail it is not exposing but very form fitting also looks good. Where as steel arm bands and leg plates with a non intrusive leather torso would allow for maneuverability, assisted blocking with the steel plates, and weaponized usage of the steel plates to kick and stun the enemy.

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This is just getting ridiculous. Milf wife photos. Pointless Male Armor So there is the problem: Finola August 20, Ada Wong, Resident Evil 4. Maintaining some logical consistency in what people wear for armor adds a lot to the world. Not sure it fits the right category of armor your looking for, but check out some of the equipment in that recently released Aion. Milf incest cartoon Can you upload the Yurica armor? Wearing a leather loincloth to battle, realistic for certain characters or time periods.

Armour was not just utile, asexual and drab, men often had giant crotch horns, snazzy butt plates, yeah you erase the natural figure of the person, but they did often create an exaggerated one on top. So we have a bit of a new problem: And the leather bra is ok, because you need to cover the breasts to make it PG. Sexy girls in armour. Log in or sign up in seconds. Armor that makes girls look SEXY?

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